Towards a Single Market Act

Much has changed in the European Union since the creation of the single market in 1993. The union has been enlarged and the cooperation between the Member States has deepened. There can be no doubt that the single market has played a crucial role in this process. Now days, it is hard to imagine that the continent just some 20 years ago was divided into dozens of standalone markets who impeded commerce across the borders. Much has changed in the European since 1993, but there is still much to be done to simplify the everyday life of the market players. In this strife, The Swedish Craft and Small Business Association support the European Commission’s effort to revision and relaunch the single market in the context of the EU 2020 strategy.

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Proposal 1
We are glad that steps finally have been taken towards a unified European patent system. The deepened cooperation between the 25 Member States that has accepted the system is excellent, but we would like to see it consist of all member states.

Proposal 4
We are positive to the continuing work on developing the international market in services on the basis of the so called mutual evaluation. It is important that we work together in terms of growth, jobs and innovation in the EU.

Proposal 16
We are positive regarding a regulatory environment that permits venture-capital funds to operate across the EU. In our so called small-business sphere we often see big potential get ruined because of limited operating history. The companies are therefore not able to secure a bank loan and are in some ways stopped in the middle - great ideas without any capital to invest.  To penetrate this ongoing problem we need to open up for a regulatory environment that permits venture-capital funds to invest in smaller and less mature companies. The taxation rules in the EU therefore have to coordinate to avoid double-taxation risks.

Proposal 33
We are positive to a reform of the systems for the recognition of professional qualifications. The free movement of workers in the EU is a fundamental right. All proposals that provide simplification are of course welcomed.   At the same time it is very important that the evaluation of professional qualifications guarantee good structure and high standard. In Sweden we have a high standard qualifications system for craftsmen. To become a journeyman or get a master degree in craftsmanship you have work through particular qualifications steps; simplification isn´t the same thing as a low standard.

Regarding the European Professional Card, suggested in the Consultation Paper on the Professional Qualification Directive, The Swedish Craft and Small Business Association find it slightly uncertain whether such a Professional Card could be implemented or not. On our behalf, we would like to know which ”competent authority in the home Member State of the professional” (MARKT.D.4 D(2010), page 11) who would issue the cards? As the leading representative of the craftsmen of Sweden, we, The Swedish Craft and Small Business Association, conclude that this task would fall on us. With this said, we would like to follow this matter more closely and would appreciate some more information on this subject from the European Commission.

Proposal 35
It is important that this procedure isn’t dispatched to a government agency that lacks the knowledge and the insights of the conditions of the business, to determine the skills of the worker. It is the firm believes of The Swedish Craft and Small Business Association that it is the task of the industry association to validate this.

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